Claiming Lady Brinton
Claiming Lady Brinton

Rescuing Lord Faulkner
Rescuing Lord Faulkner

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Rescuing Lord Faulkner
Regency Redemption Series

When Lord Faulkner returns from the Napoleonic War to find Scarlet Cason has abandoned him, he vows to never trust another woman. He makes a life for himself taking dangerous commissions until he must give up that life to raise his sisters after their parents’ sudden death. Now tragedy has struck again, and Scarlet’s mother is gravely ill.

Scarlet is thunderstruck when Faulkner tracks her down and tells her the news of her mother. She anxiously accompanies him to Murdock Castle—the very place they fell in love—the home she fled from years ago to hide a dark secret.

Although past hurts keep them cautious, the more time Scarlet and Faulkner spend together, the more they realize they are still in love. But when Scarlet’s secret is revealed and Faulkner’s treacherous past threatens, will their rekindled trust be strong enough to keep them alive?

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The rented hackney rolled through the outer gates of Murdock Castle. Scarlet could barely contain her excitement. The time grew late, and whether he was awake or not, she must find Tomas.

The carriage halted at the barbican. She leaned out the window and saw Tomas’s guards and driver, Bricker.

She waved.

“Miss Scarlet?” Bricker seemed surprised to see her. “We thought you were gone forever since you took your bags with you.”

She’d taken her valise and satchel to pack more of her things, and left the clothing she’d first brought with her in the chest at the foot of her bed. “No. I went to Worthing to retrieve my belongings. Do you know Lord Faulkner’s whereabouts? I must tell him I have returned.”

Bricker pointed to the chapel. “He walked to the chapel a quarter-hour ago. I believe he will be happy to see you.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and picked up the wrapped painting she’d brought from Worthing. “I have paid the hackney. Can you please see my things are delivered to my room?”

He nodded. “Horace will take care of it.”

She sprinted across the yard. Light flickered through the colorful stained-glass windows as she approached. She threw the doors wide and hurried inside.

Her heart crashed to the ground.

Tomas was suspended upside down, his ankles tied to the lowered chandelier with a rope. His arms dangled three feet from the floor.

“Get out! Run!” Tomas yelled.

The door behind her slammed shut.