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I’m currently working on Chasing Sunrise, Book 3 in the Chasing Series. You’ll see characters you love from the first two books and follow Kasey on his adventure to happily ever after!

From this series, I’ve expanded to another series titled The Austen Men. They will feature Kasey Hunter’s brothers in their quests to find love.

I’m also planning on taking Trapped, a screenplay I wrote years ago, and making it into a stand-alone book. Our heroine is trapped in a car, with a broken leg, under a tanker truck filled with gasoline, on a bridge, in an ice storm. Luckily our hero gets trapped as well. But is he really a hero or her worst nightmare? It promises to be a long night, if she survives.

My next historical series is about three siblings. I’m trying to decide if the stories should be Scottish or British. If you have a preference, please let me know.

I plan to add a book to my Undercover Intrigue Series as well. It involves a new organization in the FBI set up to find MIA agents. You’ll enjoy seeing the characters from the other books as they head up the organization and assist two fellow agents, who hate each other, in their mission.