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Danby Series

Romance Breaks Danby Series (1-5) -- Available Now

Adopted from scattered families into one, five boys became brothers when the Danbys took them in. Together they learned to leave their pasts behind and focus on their lives ahead. Now men, they are passionate about their jobs, concerned about their fellow man, and looking toward the future. What none of them expect is to have their hearts stolen. Each short story stands alone, but might be more enjoyable read in sequence.

Tyler ~ The last three years, ex-police officer turned PI, Tyler Danby, has focused much of his attention on a charity for fallen police officer’s families. Since losing his partner, Sam, Tyler has become best friends with Sam’s girlfriend, Faith. He finds her bossy, sassy, yet the sweetest person he knows.

Radiologist Faith Whitmore loved Sam, but with Tyler’s help, she’s slowly healed from his death. Tyler’s friendship is essential to her; he’s always there to pick her up when she needs it. When a sudden attraction flares between them, will they risk their friendship to learn if they can share more?

Aiden ~ In Houston for the week on business, attorney Aiden Danby makes a deal with friend Charli Simmons. Since she’s stuck for a babysitter, he agrees to watch her kids while she’s at work, if she’ll be his date for an important business dinner. Aiden can’t forget the crush he had on Charli when they were kids. Spending time with her now, getting to know the sweet, sexy woman she’s become, he realizes he’s more attracted to her than ever.

After losing her husband three years ago, Charli struggles to keep a balance between her children and her job. While growing up, Aiden was always around, always teasing her. Watching him with her kids and the time they spend alone, she can’t get over how gentle and playful he is. Charli has no illusions they might share a life together, she only hopes he’ll give her one night.

JC ~ Rock and Roll star JC Danby’s world was turned upside down eight months ago when his wife left town. Brandy has sent him a text here and an email there, but no one knows where to find her. Guessing she would never miss her uncle’s funeral, JC flies home from his world tour to confront his wife and learn the reason for her disappearance.

Leaving JC like she did was wrong, but at the time Brandy believed she had no choice. She not only left to protect herself, she also did it to protect JC. But she worries her abandonment has done too much damage. Uncertain if he will be able to forgive her, she is positive of one thing—their lives will never be the same.  

Brock ~ Firefighter Brock Danby has been helping his sister with her children the last few years since her husband’s death. In doing so, he’d put his social life on hold. Now that his sister is married and settled, he wants to find that someone special, but at thirty-one years old the single scene doesn’t appeal to him. Picked to be photographed for a Hot Fireman calendar, Brock is surprised to see Juliana Murray, the prettiest girl in his high school class, is the photographer.

Juliana moved away for college and to pursue her photojournalist career, but recently returned to Houston and opened a photography studio. Seeing Brock again, she can’t get over how gorgeous he still is. Their attraction is instant, hot, and leaves both of them wondering if they can be as good out of bed as they are in it.

Levi ~ Veterinarian Levi Danby has been devoted to making his clinic a success, but something, or rather someone, is missing from his life. He’s both surprised and guarded when his ex-girlfriend Candice Purdy shows up at his clinic claiming she wants a second chance.

Five years ago Candice made the stupidest mistake of her life when she left Levi and moved to New York in hopes of getting her big break on Broadway. She prays the pain she sees in Levi’s eyes means he still loves her, but she knows the road to forgiveness will not be an easy one. If only she can make him remember the good times they shared.

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